Sabtu, 31 Maret 2012

A Girl With A Candle Light

Once in my life, i have entered a room. I didn’t know what was inside this room. It was so dark and I couldn’t saw anything but I was curious. It was impossible to know about what inside except entering that room. Slowly I walked in. It was getting interested. I didn’t have any lighter, I just kept walked in. I shouted “Hello, any body here?” and there was no answer. Soon, this room felt so big, I couldn’t reached any wall or anything. I kept walked, thought I didn’t know what will happen, I just wanted to satisfy my curiosity in that empty-looked room. I looked back and I shocked, “where is the door?”. I realized that I was trapped there. There was no way to go back. I didn’t know what to do, I just kept walked. Everything was so bored and dark, I hoped something would happen. Suddenly, I saw a light. An only light came out from such a long distance. I stared at that light. It was a girl with a candle light in her hand.

“Hi Hans”, that girl greeted me. “How do you know my name? … Who are you?”, I replied. That girl didn’t answer anything, she kept silent then. “Hey, did you hear me?,… Who are you?”, I asked. She still didn’t say anything. “What is this room?, say something please”, I asked again. Still, there was no answer. This room became silent but there were many questions in my head. These questions are still drifting. It was an awkward silent. But then, she said something and smile at me, “Don’t worry this is just my past”. And then she gone.

-cerpen yang belum selesai-

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  1. wow, your English is actually promising. "jempol" for your efforts (the writing and the English)!